General info

TESTERON is a Polish company founded in 2005 by Jerzy Kozlowski – a local manager involved in the sale and marketing of different world brands of location equipment used by utility market companies, including Radiodetection, RiserBond, SebaKMT, Vivax-Metrotech, Leica Geosystemsand a few others.

The company’s philosophy is to deliver the end-user a complete solution to their problems, starting from understanding the needs, choosing the right product after a field test, quick and safe delivery and a follow-up schedule of field-based training and technical support.

TESTERON focuses on selling the type of equipment that has been known to the owners of the company for over 20 years:

  • pipe and cable locators (both - avoidance tools and multi-frequency advanced locators)
  • cable fault-finding locators for power and telecom applications
  • metallic cable TDRs
  • district heating faultfinding locators
  • inspection cameras for water and sewer applications
  • magnetic locators for metal covers and manholes location

Typical users of the equipment we sell are:

  • telecom copper cable technicians and telecom contractors
  • LV power distribution companies and power contractors
  • gas distribution and gas transmission pipelines technicians
  • new gas pipelines contractors
  • district heating faultfinding technicians and contractors
  • water distribution network technicians
  • new water and sewer networks contractors
  • surveyors

We sell different types of equipment coming from different world-class manufactures,the bestsellers being:

  • Springbok Instruments
  • Leica Geosystems
  • Radiodetection
  • BI Communication
  • Bosch

Our primary business has been historically Polish market.

However, with the sole distribution agreement signed with Springbok Instruments, USA, we expand the sales of metallic cable TDRs to the rest of European market.

We welcome any potential business partners from all over Europe to contact us for cooperation!




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